Course Objectives

ED310 - Teaching Medical Terminology in Fun and Exciting Ways

Have you ever seen your students falling asleep in class? Have they been less than excited to learn medical terminology? In this course you will discover ways to teach medical terminology that keep your students interested, attentive, and highly engaged in the critical concepts and applications they need to know. Learn to use these active methods, as well as the reasons behind them, and watch your student success rates increase as you adapt and apply new methods to your medical terminology classes.

Please note that ED310 presents learning activities that are applicable to the on-campus classroom or lab. It is not designed for instructors who teach Medical Terminology in the online environment.

Module 1: Creating Long-Term Memory

  • Discuss how positive emotion creates long-term memory and mental engagement in students.
  • Assess signs and symptoms of learners who are not engaged.
  • Determine the amount of time it takes before students lose interest and attention in class.
  • Describe the importance of reviewing and refocusing.

Module 2: Group Activities

  • Apply active group methods to teaching medical terminology.
  • Recognize examples of active group methods.
  • Assess six teaching methods which fit your teaching style and learners' needs in the classroom.
  • Determine which one you plan to use in your next class.

Module 3: Using Individual Activities to Teach Medical Terminology

  • Develop active individual methods for teaching terminology.
  • Assess and select at least one active learning idea for use with students working alone or in small groups.

Module 4: Using Visual Methods

  • Adapt one segment of content to a new teaching idea.
  • Evaluate the success of applying interactive teaching techniques in your medical terminology classes.