Course Objectives

MT105 - How to Gain Media Awareness for Your Institution

The key to successful public relations is like writing a good book. There must be a hook at the beginning, a captivating middle, and a satisfying end. You can create successful PR initiatives with specific objectives and end results in mind with a little bit of planning and forethought. This course will show you how to create effective PR campaigns with measurable results.

Module 1: Mastering the PR Basics

  • Understand the functions of public relations; how it differs from advertising and marketing.
  • Identify your audience(s).
  • Craft clear and concise messages that encourage audiences to 'do' something.
  • Create a successful PR campaign with measurable results.

Module 2: Driving the News at Your School

  • Understand how public relations can generate awareness for your school.
  • Develop newsworthy concepts.
  • Build relationships with journalists.
  • Create successful events.
  • Measure results.

Module 3: Planning Successful Events

  • Understand the rationale for hosting an event.
  • Determine the importance of managing a budget and controlling costs.
  • Prepare for emergencies that may hinder your event.
  • Determine the success of your event for future planning.

Module 4: Generating New Ideas

  • Identify when it's time to develop new PR ideas.
  • Understand the importance of brainstorming to generate content.
  • Host effective brainstorm meetings.
  • Identify when to move forward with your campaign.