Course Objectives

AD108 - Best Practices in an Ethical Enrollment Process

Ethical behavior in recruitment is essential to student and institutional success, and is a crucial component of a compliant institution. This course provides a framework to evaluate your current admissions interview process and offers new tools that allow for meaningful connections with today's students. An ethical enrollment process will help your students make their own best decisions and will increase the effectiveness of your admissions personnel.

Module 1: Charting a New Course

  • Explore history and effectiveness of processes used in admissions.
  • Identify the changing needs of today's students.
  • Articulate the benefits of a framework.
  • Review components of an ethical enrollment process.
  • Discuss methods to build meaningful relationships with students.
  • Consider ethical components to add to your process.

Module 2: Diving In: Exploring the Prospective Student's Environment

  • Define the prospect's environment.
  • Identify tools to gather information.
  • Recognize typical challenges to enrollment.
  • Discover how to maintain the framework for an ethical enrollment process.

Module 3: Releasing the Anchor: Improving Resourcefulness

  • Identify techniques to address common challenges to enrollment.
  • Build resources to expand options.
  • Recognize the difference between attributes and benefits.
  • Define the impact of seeking agreement.

Module 4: Staying the Course: Planning for Success

  • Identify best practices in presenting tuition and financial options.
  • Develop skills to support prospective students.
  • Identify tools for decision making.
  • Explore methods to earn more referrals.
  • Define best practices for follow-up.