Course Objectives

ED113 - Managing the Adult Classroom

This course compares and contrasts four styles of classroom management. The course includes "virtual visits" to animated classrooms where participants observe four instructors who exhibit different management styles. The style that is preferred by most students is identified and described, and suggestions are offered on how instructors can modify their personal style to increase their effectiveness. A four-step model for developing successful classroom management strategies is presented and is followed by a discussion of a practical, behavioral approach to classroom management. Characteristics that foster good discipline in the educational institution and in the classroom are listed and explained, and tips are offered that can improve both institution-wide and classroom discipline. Finally, a number of scenarios involving common discipline problems are described.

  • List and describe four styles of classroom management.

  • Explain which style of management is the most desirable model for the adult classroom.

  • List and describe the four components of a successful model for classroom management.

  • Define the concept of discipline as it applies to adult education.

  • Compare and contrast school-wide and classroom discipline.

  • List seven tips for effective discipline.