Course Objectives

CS102 - Empowering Students to Find and Secure the Right Job

In this course, you will be given tools to help your students find the job that's right for them, present themselves impressively on paper, and interview with ease. This course is designed so you can successfully support your students in four phases of their job search: doing a targeted job search, writing a powerful resume and cover letter, presenting professionally, and developing effective interview skills.

Module 1: Targeted Job Search

  • Identify the kinds of jobs available in the marketplace.
  • Establish which features and benefits are most important to students.
  • Target potential job lead resources in their community, online, and at school.
  • Conduct a comprehensive online job search with an extensive list of online resources.
  • Prepare to make professional in-person, phone, and email job inquiries.
  • Keep track of job leads.

Module 2: Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Create a professional resume.
  • Assess resume-relevant qualities and skills.
  • Write targeted and effective cover letters.
  • Evaluate and remedy commonly made cover-letter mistakes.
  • Target the language of a cover letter to the language used in job descriptions.
  • Develop a list of personal and professional references that can speak to the various qualities and skills listed on a resume.

Module 3: Successful Interviews

  • Understand the importance of projecting a professional image and recognizing its relation to a positive self-image.
  • Describe which presentation skills are necessary, as well as those that comprise an effective communicator.
  • Research the prospective employer.
  • Understand all of what is entailed in preparing for job interviews, including managing nervousness and articulating strengths and weaknesses in an authentic and intelligent manner.
  • Prepare for and demonstrate an ability to answer the most common and difficult interview questions.
  • Clarify things they would want to ask at an interview and developing sample questions for the interviewer.

Module 4: Entering the Workforce

  • Access the greatest number of available jobs.
  • Become an informed and effective career professional.
  • Understand the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, being dependable, and making a valuable contribution at work.
  • Overcome both personal and professional challenges at internships.
  • Measure progress on the job.