Course Testimonials

As we move to our new online environment this is one of the courses we are asking all of our instructors moving from residential to online instruction to take.

I am new to the online classroom and appreciate the materials covered in the course.

This is an excellent course which is very important to teaching online.

This course will help me to become a better online instructor, particularly with formative and summative assessment.

I feel like I have learned a lot and can apply these ideas and concepts into my online teaching. The concepts will definitely improve my instruction. Thanks so much!

It was very nice to have the information presented in a manner that I understood. I am looking forward to helping my students by using the content of this course effectively.

These courses are well-developed, aesthetically appealing, and have great formatting and navigational ease. Kudos to the course authors! Great work! Great job! Optimal learning experience.

Great course. I will be implementing many of the practices I learned from this course.