Course Testimonials

I found a lot of helpful points for improving myself as an admissions representative. It was nice to take this course and remind me of what I do and why.

Excellent online course to enhance admissions skills and stay updated.

I really liked the structure. I think all admissions staff should take this course!

Great course! We all need more courses about ethics and interpersonal skills.

The content of this course was excellent, informative and practical! The topic ..Best Practices in an Ethical Enrollment Process..very timely. It is an ambition and thorough handling of the topics and each area had substantial content. This scope and depth deserves a more realistic expectation for completion. In my experience was well over 4 hours!

I loved it. It was very easy to follow and beneficial.

Great course! I will definitely be using most of these tools during the Enrollment process.

The online course was a good refresher for experienced admissions reps and would be an excellent mode of learning for new reps. Emphasis was on the student, listen actively and be honest.