Course Testimonials

I really enjoyed taking this course as the videos were very educational. I felt that I learned a lot and I can apply this in my classroom to make me a better instructor.

This course enhanced my teaching skills!

As a new college instructor this course is extremely helpful for me. It definitely identified some things that I was doing in the classroom that were not the best practices and I am learning and will gladly adjust my teaching methods.

Good Job! Loved the scenarios and the animation for the four instructional styles.

Loved this class! It had a lot of very helpful information for me to use in my classroom.

This course made me realize that I can become a great instructor with these different teaching methods.

This is a very interesting course, and I would encourage all instructors, administrators, and management to take this course.

I really enjoyed the format of this course. It kept my interest the entire time. Thank you!

I have found that everything discussed in this course is spot on! Very well organized and the subject matter is comprehensive, yet simple, and completely relevant. I recommend this course to everyone.

I enjoyed the format of this course with the interactive videos. It was interesting and I am going to benefit greatly from the information provided. Thank you

I really enjoyed taking the ED113 course. This course gave me some very valuable insights into how to improve my classroom management style. It is nice to see that I am already doing some things well, but there is always room for some improvement. It can be a bit tricky to manage a class of mixed demographics - younger students without a lot of college and older adults going back to school to start another career. What I learned will really help me in my ability to become a better 'Guide.' Thank you!

The course was helpful to me and gave me several new strategies to use in my classroom.

I absolutely loved this course. I have been an instructor for years, but have picked up many pointers from this class.

Great course! Taking this course allowed me to review my "style" of teaching and assess my strengths and weaknesses. There is always room for improvement and I will definitely put into action and improve my weaknesses from what I learned here.

Even after years of instructing this course brought some fresh perspective into how to manage a classroom. Ideas and techniques provided as well as the different types of management were eye opening and caused me to reflect on how I am doing.

I am grateful for the suggestions you provide on how to improve the way in which I manage my classroom. I downloaded them, and intend to use them when I begin teaching my next class. I had a difficult student this block, and this course gave me some wonderful insight on how to deal with him. Thank You!

This course was very helpful. It causes you to look at your classroom management styles and is a bit humbling. Many helpful and easy to implement strategies were given.

This course reinforced many of the qualities that I hope to exemplify in my classroom. As a program director I will be recommending that all of my instructors complete this course.

This course was well defined and presented. I especially liked the fact that we could print out the text to read either before or again after the visual program. Well Done!!!

Excellent course. I wish I had taken this class before I started teaching. Thank you

I really felt that this course was one of the most informative and useful that I have taken thus far. It has really concrete ideas and suggestions of how to implement the principles of classroom management. I can really see myself using these techniques and principles as I move back into the classroom.

Good review of managing an adult classroom, with ample scenarios to apply learning.