Course Testimonials

Thanks for being so organized and thorough.

This course was well organized, precise in its purpose and effective in addressing the key issue of online classroom teaching. Thank you.

I felt that the information I received was well worth the time. I really enjoyed the course.

I think this is the wave of the future and this program prepares us quite well for it.

This was an excellent course. Way to go!

Good overview of the skills necessary to be an effective online instructor. Although I have been at it for 13+ years, there is always more to learn. Thank you.

This course addressed several areas that have helped me to begin to formulate new approaches in the classroom.

Excellent information on learning styles and conflict management online. The facilitator had multiple discussion topics in the forum that added interest to the modules.

Very informative and relevant to my work!

Useful training!

Very informative!! Gained a lot of knowledge helpful for present and future students!

This has been my favorite course to date. It provided thoughtful, key information to the online instructor WITHOUT jargon. And even though I have been teaching online for a long time, I found some quite illuminating parts such as the different types of learners and how to work with the problems they present.

The course content was excellent and the discussion threads were extremely helpful in providing new ideas and detailed guidance from other experienced instructors. This course was very beneficial.

This was a very informative class! I plan to use some of the suggestions in my future classes.

Excellent course! I would strongly recommend this course to online newbie Instructors and as a refresher for those who have been teaching online for a long time.

Great course! Thanks for the valuable information!

The class was clear and concise. It identified the challenges encountered in an online environment, and offered great suggestions for improvement.

I enjoyed the course. It was all informative and useful. I am currently a clinical instructor but would like to teach online in the future.

This course was clear, concise and insightful. Everything that I have studied prior about conducting online courses was conducive to what was presented. This was a great course. I would suggest that anyone who looking to become an online instructor and/or learn more about the process itself should indeed take this course. Thank you!