Course Testimonials

This course was GREAT! It has helped me a lot in my technique in teaching.

I hope all instructors get to take this course. It was very helpful, and inspiring for me. I think it made me a better educator.

I truly enjoy the class. It provided me with some great insights to improve my teaching skills.

I learned some great techniques for students with learning disabilities.

The things that I learned from the course and the participants in the forums will definitely reinforce my instructional knowledge.

I appreciate how this course stimulated my thinking about how to most effectively reach and teach my students.

This course provided me with excellent tips on how to enhance student success. Thank you!

This has been an amazingily deep course one that I will revisit again, not just for the content but for the discussions and ideas!

I enjoyed the course and thought it was very practical and I will implement many of the things I learned immediately. Thank you.

Course was well structured and covered a wide range of dynamics and a large amount of information in an organized manner. This course held my attention and learning about different ways of instructing, I feel I will greatly benefit from what I learned.

Overall, this course will help me to better monitor and motivate my students. I better understand the dynamics of having a diverse class of students who learn differently and how to manage them to get the best from all of them.

I recommend this course to anyone who is dealing with ESL students or having problems with monitoring classroom dynamics.

I learned many things that I am sure I will now be able to implement into my class. I had not really paid attention to the many ways you can assess your students, especially using online tools. The information is very useful from this course, and even though I teach a mainly hands-on subject, I will be able to use some of the ideas I have learned in this course.

Interesting content, especially with the discussion on students with learning disabilities.

The post secondary institute in which I teach, has many educationally deficient students of various ages. This type of information in this course is exactly what I needed to help my students. Understanding this course was crucial to my teaching style and overall development.

Excellent subject matter and very well presented. As a dyslexic, I can really relate to this. I also work in many overseas countries, where English is a second language, so the section on ELL was perfect. Thank you!