Katie Tomlinson

Katie Tomlinson is the Associate Director of Media Analytics for PlattForm Advertising, a full-service agency specializing in direct-response advertising within the career education sector. She has been with PlattForm since 2002 and leads the analytics and business intelligence unit of the media department, and oversees the coordination of more than 90 full-service accounts in the United States and Canada. She is responsible for the team's training and development as well as keeping them on the cutting edge of reporting and analysis through the integration of technology and media resources.

Katie holds a degree in Business Administration and Psychology with an Emphasis in Information Systems. Utilizing her experience in programming and her technical communication ability, she helped build PlattForm's proprietary buying and analyzing software in 2005, and currently works closely with the programming team for updates and efficiency initiatives. Katie is passionate about her clients, her team and improving technology to better meet the needs of PlattForm's employees and the industry.